March 2020



Gerard Magnin, President and CEO of AirScience Technologies Inc. and GAS RNG Systems Inc. wish to inform the companies customers, suppliers, service providers and industry stakeholders of the following measures taken by the two companies to protect the safety and interests of their employees, customers, suppliers and service providers as follows:


The Companies developed a contingency COVID-19 as of Monday March 9, 2020 to ensure that all personnel of the companies could work from home, access the companies servers and execute their daily work tasks without major disruption from their own home. This was established and confirmed as of March 9, 2020.

On March 13 all personnel of the companies that was still outside of Canada was asked to come back to Montreal immediately. This was immediately implemented and by Monday March 16 these personnel were back in Montreal and in voluntary isolation until further notice and for a minimum of two weeks.  On March 17 all personnel of the companies was requested to refrain from coming to the Montreal offices and instructed to work from home.

Internal communications between all employees of the companies and their supervisors and managers have been established as of March 17 and all functions of the companies are fully operational.

AirScience and GAS RNG personnel is monitoring daily the progress of fabrication in the sub-fabrication plants in Canada, the USA, Mexico, China and India and will inform their customers of any disruption to the progress of the work if and when it happens.

AirScience and GAS RNG confirm to their personnel that salaries will be paid in full and confirm to their vendors that their invoices will be paid as per the conditions of their contract/purchase order.

Finally, AirScience and GAS RNG wish to assure their customers that the companies and their personnel are doing everything possible within the constraints of the various government directives to avoid disruptions to the execution of their contract and the delivery on time of the quality products and systems they expect and deserve.


If you have any question regarding this announcement, contact me at +1 514 654 0122 or by email at or

We are organized and disciplined and will get through this difficult period successfully.


GAS RNG Systems is proud to announce our membership to

The RNG Coalition. Becoming a member of this diversified

coalition shows GAS RNG’s commitment to the advancement

of Renewable Natural Gas developments in the USA and Canada.

Read our full press release on this exciting event here.

August 1, 2018

Mr. Gerard Magnin and Mr. Peter Glauber are pleased to announce the incorporation of GAS RNG Systems Inc. The company integrates the compression and dehydration systems of Glauber Equipment, and the desulfurization and VOC/siloxanes removal systems of AirScience Technologies, and is now offering single-supplier systems to the landfill gas/biogas to RNG market.


The company is in advanced negotiations with several owner/operators of high BTU RNG plants in North America and should announce the signature of its first major contract before the end of 2018.


a North American company

operating in Canada and

the US. We design and build

high BTU renewable natural gas

(RNG) plants.   


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